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We believe in maintaining high moral and ethical standards in all of our interactions with clients, suppliers and employees.

We believe your trust in us is built on consistent satisfaction, and we are prepared to earn that trust at every level. Our objective is to be your first supplier of choice for all plastic containers and closures. We aim to establish long-term relationships based on mutual trust, value added and the reliable delivery of high-quality products at competitive prices.

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The SCP Advantage

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The SCP Advantage

At SCP, we are very aware of the demands our customers face on a daily basis. Therefore, we are ready and willing to undertake a project from its pre-design concept stage to its successful production. To aid us in this process, we have forged strategic alliances with an engineering firm and a pre-form manufacturer. These associations augment our resources and enable us to act expeditiously and in a cost effective manner.

Our Future


Changes in the plastic industry will continue to occur, both through technological advances and the ongoing consolidation among national and regional companies. In our estimation, the surviving major companies will become complacent and inattentive to the customers’ needs.

At SCP, we thrive on competition and believe the aforementioned changes will underscore the need for an independent, flexible and responsive manufacturing company. We also believe that our current and future clients will recognize Santa Clara Plastic Containers Inc. as such a provider.

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