Our Standards


Our manufacturing process is achieved through the utilization of separate manufacturing lines, each tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Please be aware that we do not use Bisphenol-A (BPA) in the manufacturing process for any of our PET containers.

Do you have minimum requirements?

We do have a specific minimums that are dependent upon the type of vessel, closure etc. that you are interested in producing.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is dependent upon the order quantity you wish to produce. We have very competitive pricing for our PET bottles, but a specific quote would depend on the product size, thickness and order quantity.

Can I use my own preforms?

Santa Clara Plastic Containers may or may not be able to work with a customer's existing preforms. Our machines require specific tolerances and sizes. Contact us to see if your preforms work with our production process.

Stock Items

Stock Items

We maintain an ample inventory of stock containers which can be purchased in increments of one pallet or greater.

Our Inventory

Custom Items

We are poised to work with you in the development and production of your proprietary container. Unit volume is not necessarily a prerequisite for this type of service.



We are capable of lining different closure sizes. We stock lining materials such as: pressure sensitive and foil induction seal.

Our standard color closures: Blue, Black, Green, Red and White. For our standard colors we have the flexibility to fill any order in increments of one case or greater. For custom color orders, minimum quantities and lead time are required.

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Beyond cap lining services including pressure sealing and foil induction, SCP maintains relationships with suppliers for custom cap branding that includes embossing and imprinting services.


Our standard PET bottles are produced in clear or green. SCP Containers does offer other color options, but please note custom colors may require minimum order quantities. Contact our team to learn more.


Our bottle order quantities depend on the item requested, color preform used and our available stock. Please reach out for more information regarding specific order minimum requirements.

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